Use wood, feel good

The popularity of timber as an internal decorative feature waxes and wanes as fashion trends change, but it never disappears from the designers palette completely like so many other building materials – why is this so?

Is it because timber is a natural product, every piece is unique in some way, shape or form – with a variety of colours & grain patterns and that human beings have a natural affinity with timber. It’s in our DNA – timber has been a building material used for millenia but it has now also been documented that timber produces what is known as a Biophilic response in humans.

Studies have shown that being surrounded by timber relaxes us, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and improves productivity and it achieves this effect subconsciously.

Human association with nature and natural things appears to be assuming greater meaning and importance as our world becomes more tumultuous and violent. We are seeking a safe space and yearn for natural materials as our urban environment continues to encroach on our natural surroundings.

So ‘to feel good, use wood’ is a reasonable catch phrase and with modern contemporary design this old favorite not only brings its practical benefits such as being light weight and a great insulator,combined with its environmental benefits such as carbon storage and being a renewable resource, it also brings a level of uniqueness and beauty almost impossible to duplicate with any other materials.

It adds warmth and a sense of comfort, taking the edge off harder cold materials such as glass, stone, concrete and steel. next time you walk into a new building or room, take note of how that room makes you feel, then look around in detail at the decor. It is highly likely that if you feel comfortable and at ease, there is a high likelihood that the room features timber. Conversely if you feel cold and on edge it is likely that the harder, colder materials like glass and stone etc dominate the decor.

The Commercial world has caught onto this – relaxed customers are more likely to spend more time in the restaurant or cafe, and thus spend more money whilst there. As our homes are becoming more our sanctuaries, shouldn’t we be taking advantage of this as well? Just a little timber can make a huge difference.

Trust your instincts and what your body is telling you.

Wood is good!

Simple, clean design enhanced by the addition of timber linings to create a contemporary space you want to linger in at home.

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