Timber Coatings- External

The old saying ‘Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten‘ is particularly appropriate when it comes to external coatings on timber.

Don’t live with inferior finishes or onerous maintenance on external timbers

Get enhanced performance with our factory applied, German Engineered hybrid polymer coatings

Timber is one of natures most beautiful building materials and if it is prepared and coated properly it will provide many years of virtually maintenance free service.

Whilst there is a perception that timber used externally requires substantial maintenance, with better design and advances in coating & application technologies, timber is ready to take back its rightful place as the premier building material in external applications.

And why wouldn’t it?

Timber is beautiful, durable and unequalled in adding warmth and appeal to any project, it is also easy to work with, its relatively lightweight allowing great flexibility in design, an excellent insulator and completely sustainable with the lowest carbon footprint of all materials.

Although we prefer and recommend the latest German coating technology from Zobel, ITT provide industrial quality timber coating services at highly competitive rates using a wide range of coating materials.

Factory pre-coating is much more cost effective & efficient than what you can achieve on site. Using high quality coatings offers significant advantages over site application, including;

Timber is coated on all 4 sides providing long term protection from moisture and reducing the potential for excessive movement, twisting and cupping.

Factory coated timber delivered on site when required reduces the requirement for scaffolding and additional trades

Pre coated timber is not subject to weather delays and timber is coated at the optimum moisture content to ensure enhanced adhesion – minimising the potential for premature failure

Coatings are applied evenly under computer controlled factory conditions ensuring even coating at manufacturers recommended coating thicknesses to provide long term protection and performance

Factory application is very cost effectivedo your sums

Factory coating is easy to manage

Its as easy as:


The selection of coating options is mind boggling with each manufacturer promoting a range of benefits so to simplify the process we recommend 1 simple step to narrow the selection.

Start with those products have a manufacturers warranty?

If you make this your first step, the field of contenders narrows considerably with very few manufacturers willing to back their product for a variety of reasons.

Why we recommend factory applied DecoTec industrial timber coatings from Berger Zobel!

International industrial coatings giant, Berger Zobel, based in Germany has introduced the next generation of timber coatings to Australia and they offer up to 10 years external warranty on factory applied Hybrid Polymer coatings and 4 years on Organic Hard Wax oils against peeling, flaking or cracking. Of course these coatings can be used internally as well and in that protected environment the coating life is significantly extended.

Why do only factory applied coatings have a warranty?

Simply because this is the only way the application can be controlled to give you the best result. On site applications have a multitude of uncontrollable variables such as application technique, weather , applicator skill, timber preparation, environmental conditions (dust/heat/fog etc)

How do Hybrid Polymer coatings work?

The Zobel range of Hybrid Polymer coatings incorporate unique technology which enables the transfer of durable UV resistant polymers which embed into the cellular structure of the timber surface using a water based medium.

This is breakthrough technology that reduces emissions and outgassing and provides unparalleled performance and durability in semi transparent timber coatings. The addition of biocides within the coating also reduces degradation of the timber surface from biological organisms that may be contained within the timber maintaining a healthy bond.

Designed to flex as the timber expands and contracts, Zobel’s DecoTec range of hybrid polymer coatings are purpose designed for application by industrial coaters such as ITT and our partners to provide you with a beautiful finish that enhances your timbers colour and features and reduces recoating requirements for up to 10 years.

Read more about the Zobel DecoTec range of coatings below

*DecoTec Hybrid polymer coatings standard warranty is 7 years -when applied by an accredited applicator- dark colours up to 10 years

Don’t live with faded coatings – Insist on the best!

ZOBEL coatings are internationally renowned for their excellent performance under the toughest conditions

Scroll down for information on our recommended products or contact us for further information at info@ittaust.com.

What makes Zobel coatings so good?

Zobel are one of the worlds leading coating producers. Based in Germany they manufacture coatings that are designed to survive the toughest conditions – from the freezing conditions of Russia to the harsh dry conditions of Australia, Zobel products provide superior performance under the harshest conditions. The secret is in having specialised coatings designed specifically for the substrates they will be applied to, such as timber, and only using high quality ingredients.


DECO-TEC 5426- Cladding & Decking

DECO-TEC 5426 is a long life, highly flexible impregnation hybrid polymer coating which ideal for applications such as cladding or decking where a film build is not desirable.

The coating includes a biocide within the impregnation primer and sealer. It can be tinted in a range of colours and provides extended protection for external timbers.

Features Include:

Excellent UV Resistance – containing high quality UV blockers and scavengers for long life in high UV

7 year warranty on standard colours and up to 10 year warranty on darker pigments

Does not flake or peel

Wide colour range

Low sheen, natural appearance

Option of heat guard additive on dark colours to reduce energy costs

Ideal for factory pre finishing on cladding, decking and most exterior timbers*

*Note- Polymer based products are not suitable for use on Spotted Gum or Cumaru timbers due to the natural oils within the timber – please refer to our high solid oils for those timbers

DecoTec 5433 TopOil Bioweather ProtectX

DecoTec 5433 – Organic high solid oils for decks, cladding and interiors

The DecoTec 5433 oil is an ideal choice for use on oily timbers where hybrid polymer coatings are not suitable, or where a natural, penetrating, non toxic & low odour product is the preferred choice. The oil contains compound ProtectX which opens the cellular structure of the timber and removes any mill glaze left from machining, thus allowing the DecoTec 5433 to penetrate deeply into the timber and bind with the timber fibres as well as providing protection against biological attack. Available as standard with a natural tint it enhances the natural timber tones without with no orange tones that inferior products often exhibit. It can also be tinted to a wide range of custom colours to suit the demands of any project

Features include:

Long lasting natural appearance

Almost unlimited range of colour tints available

Very fast drying

4 Year warranty*

Organic plant based high solid oil

Excellent UV & weather resistance

Low odour suitable for internal & external use on cladding, decks & furniture

Ideal for factory pre finishing

Zobel 5433 high solid oils are suitable for use on all timbers and will out perform most other timber oils when applied in accordance with Zobels application instructions. The ability to custom tinted provides designers with unique flexibility in colour selection

Film building coatings such as ZOWO-TEC 421 on Ironbark Battens are also available.
Zobel Deco Tec coatings maintain high levels of transparency allowing the timber grain and feature to show through enhancing the projects appeal
DECO-TEC is ideal for timber cladding and facades and is equally suited to internal applications being ideal for high UV areas adjacent windows and doors. It can be applied as a factory finish on new work or onsite for existing timber.
DECO-TEC provides long term protection on timber facades, can be applied as a factory pre-finished coating or onsite in a range of colours.
Light tints are available to highlight the timber grain on lighter coloured timbers in both ZowoTec & DecoTec ranges. Darker tints do however offer longer life and have extended warranties.
DecoTec 5433 & 5426 are ideal for external facades and claddings


The selection of a colour is tied closely to the selection of your preferred timber for cladding. Every timber reacts differently to coating so it is best to select your timber then discuss with us the best coating colour for that timber. We can arrange a colour sample on your selected timber before coating to ensure the finish is what you expected and avoid disappointment.

Please contact us for information on our range of external coating and finishing services at info@ittaust.com or Ph. 0480 287 492