Factory applied timber coatings – Internal

Love the look of natural timber!

We offer a multitude of pre finished internal coating options including clear finishes, stains, and painted finishes. Our professional team only use the highest quality products and will discuss your projects specific requirements before recommending a suitable product.

We produce samples to your specification and match to existing colour schemes – we are also certified applicators of Fireshield & BioGuard specialist coatings (Refer to Fireshield & Bioguard pages) – talk to us about all your internal coating requirements



Factory Pre Finished products will almost always provide you with a better finish than can be achieved on site with far less risk of problems due to the variability of site conditions, and typically it will be more cost effective as well.

There may be exceptions where the project is small such as a bench front or small joinery project in which case it may be worth considering on site application. To determine which option works best for you, consider the table below, your cost of materials and time on site and contact us to discuss your requirements. On larger projects it is invariably more cost effective to pre-finish your timber.

Features of Factory Pre – Finishing

Standard factory application includes application of sealer coat or stain and 2 top coats with light sanding in between coats

Controlled conditions

Reduced site time

Colour sampling confirmation prior to application

All round coating application

Tongue completely coated

Individual boards coated


Smoother finish and superior coating adherence with less risk of bubbles, lumps and coating failure.

Uniform coating reduces the potential for patchiness and dust on the coating

Pre ordering enables the pre finished goods to be delivered when required for quick installation

Confirmation of colour to specification prior to production. Pre installation inspection can be conducted allowing any rectification work to be done prior to installation

Fully encapsulated timber is less likely to move once installed, reducing need for on site acclimation and down time. Coating the rear of the lining board onsite is difficult and time consuming.

Once installed only the face of the board is coated leaving 2 edges and rears un coated. This may result in the edges becoming exposed when the timber shrinks which can result in streakiness when the tongue is exposed as the timber shrinks – more obvious with dark stains/paints.

With each board completely coated the movement of moisture in & out of the timber is reduced, and any movement that does occur is far less visible. It also allows the individual boards to move freely without stressing the coating at the joints, often a point of failure resulting in cracking of the coatings when coasted in situ on the front face only.

Each coating job is unique, influenced by the substrate type, coating material and finish requirements. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a solution to even the most challenging projects.

Contact us to discuss your project and let us work out a solution for you.