Introducing 3RT designer hardwoods

3RT’S designer hardwoods are based on the 3 ‘R’ s principle of sustainability

Reduce- Reuse-Recycle

Focusing on doing the right thing and safeguarding our forest resources, we have pioneered the process of turning wood waste into beautiful, durable and sustainable hardwood products that offer unique characteristics to suit a wide range of applications.

Made from rotary peeled veneers, the individual sheets are glued together using a combination of non toxic glues, heat and pressure. The timber is then cut to achieve the appearance, width and thickness desired by the client.

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Stability – because it is a laminated timber it is more stable than solid timbers which are more likely to move, bend or twist. This characteristic makes it an ideal timber across multiple applications such as stair treads, furniture and cladding.

Hardness – 3RT is typically harder than the source timbers making it harder wearing and better able to withstand bumps and knocks

Staining & finishing – 3RT stains and finishes well enabling it to be matched to a wide range of timbers & cabinetry. It can be upgraded to Group 1 fire rating by applying Fireshield Timberclear retaining its natural appearance.

Unique Appearance – Available in a wide range of timber species, the 3RT timber can be cut in back sawn or quarter sawn format to provide a range of beautiful grain patterns unlike anything every seen before.

Western Australian Jarrah – Quarter Sawn to show a linear grain effect

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle- All 3RT timber reduces forest waste by turning it ito beautiful timber products
Solid Timber blocks are formed then sliced to the customers requirements
Maple- Back sawn showing beautiful grain and colour pattern to add interest to any project


All timber used by 3RT is sourced from forests that are certified to international standards of sustainable management for the resource.


Typically the 3RT flitch is produced in 2.5m lengths up to 300 mm wide but these can be easily finger jointed together to form longer lengths. Because of the nature of the timber they can also be seamlessly laminated to make wider sections for applications such as table tops or benches etc.

It is a very versatile material, and supports the development of high technology industries within Australia’s timber industry at a time when our home grown industries are under unprecedented pressure internationally. Some of the applications for 3RT designer hardwoods are:

Cladding – if a durable timber species is selected, 3RT can be used in external applications such as cladding making a stunning addition to your home.

Lining boards – internal lining boards are an ideal application with the warmth of timber adding ambience and class to any project

Furniture – the 3RT timber is easy to work with and extremely stable and is perfect for applications such as tables, cabinetry and other furniture.

Structural bearers & posts – immensely strong, perfectly straight and available in long lengths, 3RT is the perfect product for exposed timber beams – available in all popular sizes. Our posts and beams are suitable for above ground external use ideal for patios, verandas and alfresco areas.

Technical Details

Machining suitability
Identical to its native specie.
Suitable for planing, sawing, milling, sanding with traditional hardwood tools.

Industrial Gluing and Joining
Excellent. Identical to native wood.
Any traditional glue can be used.

Nailing & Screwing
Very good resistance to splitting.
Pre-drilling may be necessary, similar to native hardwood.

Surface Treatment
Any oil or water-based coatings can be used
Unlike phenol formaldehyde, our Nanoglue does not create “glue lines” when coated.

Product should be stored flat at all times.
Wood is a natural product. If bowed, simply turn over and let rest overnight.
Uncoated wood must be completely coated/sealed (polyurethane coating recommended for internal applications).
Ensure 48 hours acclimatisation prior to coating or installation.

Repair – Long term maintenance
Avoid water build up on the surface.
Lightly sand down with fine sandpaper and recoat.

Health & Safety
No toxic or harmful components.
Product is recyclable.
As with native wood, care must be taken to protect against saw dust when machining.

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